After Hospital Care at Home

With the transition from one level of care to another comes the risk of falls, mismanaging medications, and failing to meet dietary needs. Doc On Alert can create a plan that helps to ensure a successful transition for yourself or a loved one, offering in-home care after discharge from a hospital

Care at Home

Do You Need a Plan for Care After Discharge from a Hospital ?

Hospital discharge assistance includes:

  • Help following discharge orders
  • Prescription pick-up and errands
  • Medication reminders
  • Grocery shopping
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Authorized communication with healthcare providers, such as hospital or skilled rehabilitation center personnel, as well as home health agencies for a coordinated transfer of care
  • Authorized communications with loved ones
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance with mobility such as walking, position changes, and transfers like moving from bed to chair
If you need after hospital care by trained and caring professionals, look no further than Doc On Alert

Types of After Hospital Care

The qualified caregiving team is trained for the transition from hospital to home and is there every step of the way. You can take comfort in receiving quality care after surgery, injury, or an illness. Examples of care we can provide are:

Joint Replacement

Recovering from joint replacement surgery can make simple tasks challenging for several weeks, potentially even months. In-home caregivers and expert team can help with medication reminders and other recommended methods to assist with pain management, encourage prescribed physical therapy regimes, and help maintain proper nutrition and hydration for health and healing.

Heart Surgery

It is invaluable to have reliable and trusted after hospital care services during the recovery period after major procedures, like heart surgery, which generally lasts six to eight weeks. We can help with medication reminders, heart-healthy meal planning and preparation, and running errands since driving is generally prohibited post-surgery.

Eye Surgery

Following eye surgery, vision may not be reliable or functional for a period of time. Our care team can help with day-to-day tasks that you or someone you care for may not be able to do during the recovery period, including driving. We can also handle tasks to help eliminate the need for bending or lifting, which can put strain or pressure on the eye.

Pneumonia Prevention

The occurrence of pneumonia after surgery is not very common, but the risk still exists and is often a result of the anesthesia and lack of mobility. People need to know the symptoms of pneumonia: cough, cold, mild fever, shivering and feeling cold in general, elevated pulse rate, and fatigue. People are usually advised to practice deep breathing and coughing exercises, which expand the lungs to help prevent pneumonia. A clean environment and encouraging good nutrition and hydration for overall health benefits are some of the ways our skilled after hospital caregivers can assist.

After Skilled Rehabilitation Care

Our caregiving team is fully qualified and trained for the transition from a stay at a skilled rehabilitation center to home. After rehab care is a continuation of support that reinforces treatment to get an individual back to doing the things he or she loves. We’ve highlighted some of our after rehabilitation care services below.

Joint Replacement

Recovering from joint replacement surgery involves intense rehabilitation services like prescribed physical therapy exercises to improve strength and range of motion. This regimen continues at home after a stay in a skilled rehab facility. Our after rehab caregivers and our expert team can help with encouragement to keep up with prescribed physical therapy regimes, as well as menu planning and meal preparation that supports healthy nutrition and hydration to promote continued healing.

Heart Surgery or Cardiac Event

During the recovery period after major heart surgery or a cardiac event, home care services are vital to the healing process. Outpatient cardiac rehab involves monitoring responses to exercise and includes education about cardiovascular risk factors. Once back in the comfort of home, following this program is essential to get you or your loved one back to enjoying the meaningful things in life. This will include follow-up healthcare provider appointments and a heart-healthy lifestyle that may include major changes to diet and exercise. Changes no one needs to face alone, thanks to our skilled caregivers.

Creating an After Hospital Care Plan Suited to Your Needs

At Doc On Alert, we can create a unique plan to ensure a successful transition from the hospital or a skilled rehabilitation center to home. An event like surgery, injury, or illness involves steps to recovery. Our goal is to provide care and assistance that gets someone back to enjoying life even more than they did before. We focus on person-directed care that empowers and includes our clients, forming truly meaningful connections.


Provide medical and non-medical training

We offer trainings on

  • Standard operation procedures of home based health care
  • Specific Nursing care
  • General care and support
  • Cooking supported by nutritionist

How Do I Pay for Home Care?

When deciding on home care for yourself or someone you love, it is important to consider and plan for the associated financial costs. Typically, the cost of using a home care company such as Doc On Alert depends on how many hours of assistance are needed, if there is a need for any special services, or if a serious health condition exists. 

The cost of services is different for each client based on those factors, but you can learn more about the average cost of home care in specific areas by clicking here.

If you or someone you care for is living with a chronic health condition and need a team of experts to assist with maintaining independence and quality of life, we are your long-term care partners. Contact us today for more information.

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