Helping People Feel Connected, Engaged & Appreciated

Social isolation and loneliness can affect health and quality of life for people of all ages, whether due to a short-term mobility issue, a long-term chronic illness, or being geographically separated from family members.

No matter what reason a person needs help, Doc On Alert offers companion care to provide emotional and social support for individuals while they continue to live in the comfort of their home. Companion care allows individuals to remain in the comfort of their own home and retain their independence longer, while decreasing feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Companion care may include:

  • Providing conversation, and other intellectual stimulation or social engagement
  • Identifying and securing potential fall hazards
  • Transportation to and from appointments, or other errands, and social activities
  • Healthy menu planning and meal preparation
  • Help around the house, such as light housekeeping or laundry
  • Assistance with caring for family pets

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Research shows a direct correlation to the risk of premature mortality for people of all ages with an increased concern for seniors who are isolated, comparable to other risk factors like high blood pressure, smoking, or obesity. As people age, they often experience circumstances that can lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation. Whether it is because grown children have moved away, a spouse or friends have passed on, or mobility is limited, people can lose the social interactions they once enjoyed.

Doc On Alert believes that life is better when everyone feels connected, engaged, and appreciated, which is why we care for the whole person—not just their condition.

Importantly, we bring expert caregiving services to a person’s home. This way, they can thrive in an environment that’s familiar and comfortable. We always focus on a person’s unique preferences and needs so families have peace of mind that their loved one’s well-being is in the right hands.

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We use the latest technology; coupled with caring hands, to ensure that our patients and clients get professional assistance while maintaining their independence.

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We give equal opportunity to both our clients and healthcare service providers. We do not discriminate the delivery of services or employment opportunities based on color, nationality, race, sex, age or religious affiliation.

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