We all need a doctor’s note at some point in our lives when medical conditions interfere with our other responsibilities.

At times you may have wondered, how can I get a doctor’s note?

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In some cases, the hassle of setting up an appointment, traveling to the office, and asking for a physical note just seems like too much effort, especially when you’re feeling sick.

For some, this kind of effort may make it not worth getting the note, or even impossible if your doctor doesn’t have an appointment available.

If you’ve ever experienced this dilemma, you’re not alone. Minor medical conditions that might not otherwise be worth the effort or cost for a note place you in the difficult position of deciding between your health, and your commitments. Fortunately, PlushCare is here to help.

You can talk to an online doctor and get a doctor’s note through doc on alert. Our board-certified physicians are highly trained and can diagnose your condition and prescribe any necessary medications

What is a Doctor’s Note?

A doctor’s note, otherwise known as a doctor’s excuse, is a piece of paper received from a medical professional to prove that you saw a doctor.

It is a legal document produced either directly by the doctor or their office administration that affirms you had an appointment.

Forging such a document by using a doctor’s note template is illegal and unethical. However, it is not uncommon for people to try to use a fake doctor’s note to get out of commitments at school or work.

For some, you might even be showing symptoms but are unable to make an appointment in time to justify your absence. Whatever the case, a real doctor’s note is always the smart option. Luckily now, it’s the easy choice too!

Getting a doctor’s note from an online doctor is the same as getting a note from an in-person doctor.

When to Get a Note From Your Doctor

You should get a doctor’s note when you have a condition or appointment that will interfere with your ability to attend work or school normally.

This may include:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Extended absence

Common Conditions Doctors Write Notes For Doctor’s Note For Contagious Illness

If you are contagious, it is your responsibility to protect the health of your coworkers and customers by staying home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are experiencing symptoms resembling COVID-19, it is advisable for you to see a doctor and get a doctor’s note to be excused from work or school. This is because COVID-19 is a highly contagious illness, and being excused will provide you with the needed time to recover while keeping others safe.

Returning to work once you’re better will mean you are more productive and efficient in your job. Further, getting those around you sick only hurts the output of the whole workplace. Thus, getting an official doctor’s note for missing work will help maintain the health and well-being of yourself and your co-workers.

What Does a Doctor’s Note Need to Say?

A doctor’s note needs to include the following information:

  • The date when you had your doctor’s appointment
  • The medical reason why you had to miss work
  • If any time of absence from work is required

Doctor’s Note Template

To get a legitimate doctor’s note, you must speak with a doctor. If you are wondering what a doctor’s note looks like, here is an example template that shows the typical format of a note.