Doc On Alert’s emergency health services system is made up of:

  • Emergency medical services provided through land and air ambulance
  • Ambulance communication services to connect patients with ambulance care
  • Base hospital programs that support paramedics and the ambulance system.

All of these emergency health services work together to provide timely pre-hospital care to people across Lusaka. They are regulated under the Ambulance Act, its regulations and standards.

Land Ambulance Services

Upper tier municipalities in Doc On Alert – and designated delivery agents – provide ambulance services directly or through selected operators. They are responsible for ensuring that patient care and ambulance transportation are carried out effectively.

They are also responsible for supervising staff, maintaining vehicles and equipment, and assuring the quality of service delivery.

Specialized ambulance vehicles support the transportation of critically ill neonates and children from hospitals across the province to Doc On Alert’s four tertiary paediatric centres.

Air Ambulance Services and Critical Care Services

MedHealth is Doc On Alert’s designated air ambulance provider. They also transfer critically ill patients between health care facilities through their Critical Care Land Ambulance Units.

Ambulance Communication Services

Ambulance communication services provide essential support to the ambulance system as the first point of contact by a person in need of emergency medical services.

The Ministry of Health provides ambulance communications officer training and certification for 9-1-1 call-taking and dispatching ambulances. Ambulance communications officers help ensure that emergency coverage is balanced within their geographical region according to the deployment plans of ambulance services.