Fitness Confidential

By: Vinnie Tortorich

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Length: 7 hrs and 16 mins

Vinnie Tortorich has made his living as a fitness trainer for over 30 years, serving celebrity clients at all fitness levels. He’s also the host of the Fitness Confidential podcast—where he’s claimed the title of Angriest Trainer because of his reaction to the ways the fitness industry exploits people—and has compiled his life’s work and lessons in this audiobook.

His charismatic personality shines through in his hilarious stories and narrative performance as he guides listeners through his personal experiences as a trainer and gives practical advice on how to really reach health goals. Tortorich is a no-nonsense person and though he’s part of the fitness community, he doesn’t shy away from critiquing it, offering a distinct perspective that makes this a must listen.

Release date: 09-20-13
Language: English