Diagnostics Lab Tests At Home Service

Do you need to have a lab test but you have limited time in your busy day to go to the hospital or the medical centre? From a routine blood count to an infection detecting culture test – we’ll be able to take care of everything for you wherever you are.

Home Visit

Lab Tests At Home

Often, getting lab testing involves a lengthy process – from your visit to the doctor, scheduling an appointment and getting the lab tests done. For most people, this could take a lot of time and cause stress!

At Doc On Alert, we have just the solution to simplify this process for you! From a routine blood count to an infection detecting culture test – we’ll be able to take care of everything for you wherever you are.

Our belief in positive change and using best practices in healthcare delivery enables us to provide this service for you in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own space. Our qualified expert laboratory technicians are available to visit you at home, collect samples and then get them sent to you digitally.

When Do You Need Us?
Through our newborn baby care service you can rely on us to offer you a comprehensive neonatal care and after pregnancy care by a highly trustful, caring and well trained caregiver. Our caregivers have themselves been mothers and as such are highly experienced in providing new born baby care and post delivery care. Some of the services in our Kanga and Roo program include:
New Mother Care
After the enlivening birthing process, several new mothers fall into postpartum depression. Emotional support and massage might help the mother recover and enjoy her motherhood. Post operative and after delivery care is very important for the new mother to make a full recovery. So if you are looking for a supportive professional care for the mother then this program is for you.
New Born Baby Care
A new born baby is very delicate and needs special attention and care. A new mother often finds herself struggling during this period. To help the new mother take care of baby, our care givers are specifically trained to provide new born baby care and help with lactation, massages and postnatal exercises. So just book with us for a new born baby care service and enjoy your motherhood, while we do the hard work.
The Coming Home Service
After leaving the nursing home or hospital, you can avail of our coming home services that includes doctor visit during the first month, telephonic consultations with doctors and advisory support on lactation, nutrition and postnatal recovery. Our caregivers are also fully equipped with the knowledge to provide post delivery care to the mother and new born care.
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