New Born Baby And
Mother Care At Home

Worried about your newborn’s needs? Facing issues in coping up with the initial challenges of feeding infant child and post-operative recovery? Opt for the New Born Baby & Mother Care, a post-natal care program from Doc On and enjoy the joys of motherhood without the worries.

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What Is New Born Baby & Mother Care Program?

Caring for a newborn baby can be challenging; especially when your baby is premature or at high risk. The experienced help of special caregiver can be invaluable.

Newborns can be intimidating, exhausting, and overwhelming at times. When you come home from the hospital, it is a good idea to have someone there to help you with your new baby.



Newborn Home Care can provide that assistance. Birth is a physically and emotionally draining experience. With a normal delivery, many doctors recommend that you have assistance for at least one week; with a cesarean section, you may need help for about ten days to two weeks. 



Some moms use our baby nurses 1-2 days, others 2-3 weeks, and others 3-4 months. Everyone’s needs are unique, and we make every effort to meet your specific needs and schedule.

Some of the benefits of having an In Home Child Caregiver include:

Doc On Alert Experts has a special program provided by trained caregivers and nannies that addresses the needs a mother or the baby may experience after childbirth. From a couple of hours of help per day to a few days of 24 hour support can go a long way to making the transition home with a new addition smooth and pleasant. 

Some of the services provided include:

  • Infant care and support
  • Emotional support
  • Lite housekeeping
  • Meal support 
  • Day and night support for a colicky baby
  • Transportation support
  • An extra pair of hands can always be useful
  • Play time support for siblings
  • Community referrals, if needed
When Do You Need Us?

It’s always special moments with your new-born baby both for first time parents or experienced parents. Enjoy your parenthood by appointing a baby sitter or nanny who will take over all of your charge, not just the one your love.


 For working mothers, nannies can help them return early to their professional career.Our nannies can help you in transition from hospital to home. They can take on a mentoring role in your home or can help integrate your new baby into your family’s existing daily routine. Nannies help ease the transition by providing personalized care for the mother and newborn. 


In addition to essential tasks like feeding, cuddling, changing, and bathing, our nanny will also assist with household errands. They will essentially be the caretaker for your juniors while you are working towards your profession”Our goal is to make your initial parenthood more joyful for you by extending a hand of care and experience for your newborn and newly mother. Whether you are first time parent or second time, our newborn specialist female make the transition from singlehood to parenthood more pleasurable for you.

Neo Natal Care

Neo natal care especially for babies which are pre mature or with some specific medical condition like low weight etc. that needs extra care and cannot be handled independently and needs a NICU Nurse or trained Dai.

New Born Baby Care

To Take care of infant’s feed, bathing, oiling, and changing wet clothes. Calling a doctor at home in the initial bubbling phase. Helping the mother in her diet and massaging her. Lactation support for first time mothers.


Want to go back to your professional life without the worry of your little one, our baby sitters who are trained to be extremely polite and soft will take care of your baby / toddler at your home in your absence.

Our team for Baby & Mother Care

Neo Natal Nurse

If your new born needs not just general care but specialized care in case of premature delivery or not so healthy delivery, you need a NICU nurse.


Experienced nanny or a Dai for your new born baby and yourself as mother; can help you support immediately before and after pregnancy period.


Doctor by profession but specializes in diagnosis & medication of kids; pediatrician can visit your home on request or can be consulted over the phone.

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