How to get ready for your Norton Telehealth appointment on an Android device.
For a seamless visit with your provider on Android, ensure you’ve set up the following in advance:

  • A MyNortonChart account, if you do not already have one
  • Proxy access if you are accessing a visit for a dependent
  • MyChart and Zoom apps downloaded prior to your appointmen

Norton Telehealth Help

For assistance scheduling or accessing your telehealth appointment:

Call (502) 864-4461

Before Your Telehealth Appointment

Have your insurance information and a credit card ready if you have a copay. Copays for telehealth appointments are usually the same as or similar to the copay for an in-office visit.

Step 1

Download the MyChart app from the Google Play Store. Select Norton Healthcare/Norton Children’s from the list of providers.

Step 2

Download the Zoom app from the Google Play Store. You do not need to set up a Zoom account or log in to the Zoom app to access your visit.

Step 3

Ensure that your mobile device settings allow the Zoom app to access the microphone and camera for sound and video. You may go into Settings on your Android phone, find the Zoom app and ensure camera and microphone are switched on to confirm.

Step 4

If you’d like to test your device, you may open Chrome in your mobile device, go to Zoom.US/Test and touch “Join.” If you would not like to test your device, skip to Step 9.

Step 5

Select “Join with Video.”

Step 6

Select “Call Over Internet.”

Step 7

This concludes the Zoom test. Select “Leave” to exit the meeting, then exit the Zoom app.

Step 8

Open the MyChart app and log in. Once you are logged into MyChart, select “Visits.” If the visit is for someone whose account you have proxy access to, make sure you are in their profile instead of your own.

Step 9

Select the upcoming telehealth appointment and complete eCheck-in.

Step 10

When you complete eCheck-in you will see a thank-you message. You may close the MyChart app until it is closer to your appointment.