Care+ Co-Lactase Infant Drops


Sugar Free Lactase enzyme drops for adding to both breast milk and infant formula. Suitable from birth.

NICE Guidelines and the NHS Choices Website both suggest that although the cause or causes of infantile colic are unknown, in some cases transient intolerance to lactose may be responsible. Both bodies also advise that if parents feel unable to cope despite advice and reassurance, treatment with lactose drops may be appropriate. Lactose is a complex sugar found in milk, dairy products, infant formulas and breast milk. Lactase is the enzyme usually produced by our bodies to break down lactose into more simple sugars so our bodies can absorb it. The immature digestive system of babies can have trouble breaking down the lactose in milk into more simple sugars.

The World Health Authority recommends that where possible, all babies should be exclusively breast fed for the first 6 months of life. Some infant formulas already have lactose-free options but for many mothers that won’t be much help. Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops can be used for babies who are being breast-fed and also those being given infant formula – without interfering with the feeding process.

Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops can be taken from birth onwards and should be used for as long as it takes the baby to grow out of its lactase deficiency – usually three or four months. Care Co-Lactase is sugar free, preservative free and flavour free.


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