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Rain Day asked 2 years ago

I am a 27 years old guy, exposed to HIV in 2018. I took blood test in 2020 including HIV test at BP lab and it show negative. My concern is whether the result accurate or not. Can HIV still detectable after 2 years of exposure? I’m aware about the window period. But real concern is whether HIV still detectable via blood test after 2 years or more? Thanks.
Ps: I was exposed to HIV when I was helping my friend who involved in car accident. I accidentally touch his blood with my hand where I got injury in hand.

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Dr James Moyo Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your enquiry.
We understand you have been exposed to HIV through blood contact in 2019. You have then done a blood test for HIV last year where it showed negative. For your information, there are many tests available to detect HIV in blood, such as :

  • nucleic acid test (NAT) : this test can detect the virus 10-33 days post-exposure
  • antigen/antibody test: this test can detect the virus 18-45 days after exposure
  • antibody test: this test will detect the virus 23-90 days after exposure

If you have been infected by HIV, antibody towards that virus will remain in your body and can be detected after 2 years. You shouldn’t be worried as your latest test results showed negative.
You may consult our doctors online for a more detailed explanation.
We hope this answer has been helpful. Thank you.