I’m having pain from breastfeeding

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Dr James Moyo Staff asked 4 months ago
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Dr James Moyo Staff answered 1 year ago

Blood in breastmilk 
If there is a small amount of blood in your breastmilk because of nipple trauma, it will not harm your baby. You can continue to breastfeed unless the pain becomes unbearable.  
Breastfeeding parents with some medical conditions (such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C) may be advised to stop breastfeeding temporarily until the nipples have healed and there is no blood in the breastmilk. If this is the case, you can express breastmilk in replacement of a breastfeed to maintain your supply and discard your breastmilk until your nipples have healed. 
Tips on caring for your nipples 
To prevent nipple problems: 

  • Ensure correct positioning and attachment of your baby when feeding. 
  • Avoid soaps and shampoos on the nipples during showering. 
  • Avoid nipple ointments, powders and tinctures (drug dissolved in alcohol). They may increase nipple problems. 
  • Leave milk or colostrum to dry on your nipples after breastfeeding. They both contain anti-infective agents.