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Gabriel Banda asked 2 years ago

I started with a worst headache since saturday. but now feeling better, just there will have a time especially at night i’ll faced worst headache again. then i got high fever, and at the same time i dont have appetite to eat and everytime i eat, i’ll vomit. even just drink a glass of water, i’ll still vomit. it can be said that almost 5 days my stomach cant accept the food, and i also realized that my gum swollen and always bleed. i want to know what happen to myself

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Dr James Moyo Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your enquiry.
Your question is about you having recurrent headache, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting and gum bleeding for 5 days. We understand your concern and we will try to help you.
For your information, there are a few causes for such symptoms you going through, infection is one of the common cause such as dengue, leptospirosis, influenza, malaria and many more. Other than that, some other causes for such symptoms are certain connective tissue disorders and tumors which need further workup.
Therefore, to find out the final diagnosis for those symptoms you have, a more detailed history is required as some of the common symptoms may overlapped within these diseases. A doctor examinations and investigations such as blood test and imaging are essential as well.
We highly recommend you to present to hospital or clinic for further examinations and investigations, then a proper treatment plan will be given for a better outcome.
You can contact us for an online consultation for assistance as well.
Thank you, we hope our answer has been helpful.